Its very difficult to spot talents. Some people you meet have some of the traits that would make a talent, but your guts feeling tells you there is something else missing, you can’t grasp. Try going through this:

  • Physically more alert, enthusiastic and energetic: setbacks don’t discourage them from pursuing their objectives
  • Absorbed and fulfilled by work: unlike those who count the minutes until quitting time, engaged employees pay little attention to clock
  • Proud of accomplishments: They welcome additional responsibilities and embrace opportunities to contribute to the organization’s overall purpose
  • Secure in relationship with colleagues and bosses: they feel comfortable offering suggestions and input
  • Trustworthy and sincere: they do not violate confidences, or take inappropriate advantage of situations or relationships
  • Confident about assessment: they aren’t threatened by evaluations and feedback

This worked for me across cultures. What worked for you?